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Positive Futures: Andrea Giudice

Andrea Giudice
Andrea Giudice
Andrea Giudice, blind from birth, spoke to the Windsor Lions club on January 10th about her experiences with guide dogs. She was born and raised in CT, attended public schools and graduated from UConn. Her professional career has been varied, however, she has always worked for nonprofits. In addition to working at the Equipment Restoration Center at NEAT she is an active volunteer, serves on various boards, enjoys reading, spending time with friends, movies, TV, horseback riding and being with family.

Andrea is a frequent guest of the show. In this episode she talks about the importance of volunteering and tells us SHE GOT A JOB!

IDEAL Test 2

Suggestions and Requirements for Enemy Aliens

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War between the United States and Germany was proclaimed by the President of the United States, April 6, 1917. After referring to laws of the United States which empower him to. restrain or remove enemy subjects, and to make regulations, the President, among other things, appeals to Americans to uphold the laws of this … Continue Reading ››

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