Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

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Paul Young, Chair


Paul Young, CRIS Board member


Member since: 1992
Term expires:   2017
Retired: Executive Director, Division of Special Revenue, State of Connecticut

"CRIS allows me to give back to the community and share my blessing with those who need a helping hand. CRIS is a well-managed community organization, which is making a difference in the lives of so many people with disabilities.  I am proud to be Chairman of such a caring, effective and dedicated group of individuals who work so hard to better the lives of so many people."

Paul Petro


Member since: 2016
Term expires:  2018

Founder and CEO

"I joined the CRIS Board because I want to work with bright, focused, motivated people who support a noble cause with creativity, determination, and passion.  CRIS is all of that and much, much more, and I am honored, humbled, and excited to be a part of the work that CRIS is doing in the world!

Gail Lebert


Member since: February 2015
Term expires: 2018

Director of Partnership Development, Klingberg Family Centers;
Former Publisher, Hartford Business Journal

"CRIS Radio is an organization that leverages the talented staff and volunteers to provide news and information to those who cannot access it.  I’m jazzed every time I come away from a CRIS meeting to see the future forward thinking that is happening at CRIS. "

Kay S. Long


Member: February 2015
Term expires: 2017

Retired: Guidance Counselor and Educator, Wethersfield public schools

"Volunteering for BESB and reading for CRIS allows me to demonstrate my belief that there is a destiny that connects all of humanity.  None goes his way alone; all that we bring into the life of others comes back into our own."

Michael J. Marino


Member since: 2009
Term expires: 2018

Retired: Dept. Social Services, State of Connecticut

"I continue to support CRIS because CRIS programming delivers positive messages to people with significant disabilities that they matter and can participate more fully in their families, communities and society at large.  CRIS offers opportunities for inclusion and self-determination."

Nyema R. Pinkney


Member since: 2015
Term expires: 2017

Sr. Buyer/Analyst, UTC Aerospace System

"The best way to describe CRIS is global reach with local access. Specifically CRIS is positioned to transform the world of audio information globally right from CT. That magnitude of this opportunity energizes me and is what made joining the CRIS BOD team important to me. The mission to serve through learning and empowering – that is what CRIS represents!"

Serving all of Connecticut from five studios around the state.