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Halt Influenza: Treatment of Influenza without Complications

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PLAY SAFE. If you become ill, don't delay treatment. Influenza is rapid in its onset. It is usually preceded by a chill, a chilly sensation or dizziness. Sometimes a marked feeling of weakness is the first symptom.

Cutting The Meat Bills With Milk

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Milk is not the cheapest of all foods, but it is cheaper than meat or eggs. Combined with cereal or bread it is cheaper than milk alone. Cereal alone is cheaper still, but not so  inviting. It is true economy to combine milk with cheaper foods and substitute it occasionally in place of more expensive foods.

Are You An Apathist?

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Apathy!I'm beginning to think that your
apathist (to coin a word) is pretty nearly as
bad as your pacifist. You can at least pillory
the pacifist, plant the red flag over him and
warn straight Americans to give him a wide
berth. But your apathist! What in heaven's
name are you going to do with this chap!