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Positive Futures: Joyce Armstrong & Nora Bishop (Benefits Counseling)

Nora Bishop, Ticket Coordinator, BRS
Nora Bishop, Ticket Coordinator
Joyce Armstrong, Program Director
Joyce Armstrong, Program Director at BRS

Nora Bishop and Joyce Armstrong have been helping people navigate employment and its effects on disability income for many years. Today they talk about several very important issues, including Ticket-to-Work.

Positive Futures: Ryan & Emily- NEBA

Ryan Aldrich, Program Manager at New England Business Associates
Ryan Aldrich, Program Manager

Emily Kalenauskas Division Supervisor at New England Business Associates
Emily Kalenauskas (Division Supervisor) at New England Business Associates

Ryan Aldrich (Program Manager) and Emily Kalenauskas (Division Supervisor) of New England Business Associates (NEBA) came into CRIS to record a two-part conversation about the services offered by NEBA and their experiences with employers and job seekers with disabilities.

New England Business Associates

NEBA is a non-profit organization known nationally and internationally for its work in supported employment as well as supporting the integration needs and rights of people with disabilities and/or employment challenges.

SCSU Study Concludes CRISKids Works

From the Conclusion of "An Independent Evaluation of CRISKids™ For Schools": The independentnt evaluation of CRISKids for Schools demonstrated that students with print disabilities possess the cognitive abilities and background knowledge to grapple with the ideas presented in complex texts but are unable to fully engage in classroom conversations simply because of the media – print – in which … Continue Reading ››

The Sound of a Successful Partnership – CRISKids

Comcast Corporate’s Inside CI: July 2016

Comcast and NBCUniversal employees are the driving force in creating the kind of world we want to live in – one where passion and creativity come together for the good of all. We welcome new ideas, and encourage imagination and ingenuity. Here’s the story of how one employee used his talents … Continue Reading ››