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CRIS Radio offers audio versions of more than 1,000 print materials -- all featuring human narration -- on demand for children and adults with print disabilities. They include classroom materials and children’s magazines, local, state and national news, sports, store circulars, and print articles about health and safety topics. For children with print disabilities, CRIS offers more than 700 titles through our CRISKids and CRISKids for Schools programs.


Listen  On Demand costs 8 cents per day with an annual subscription of only $30 per year!

Here is how your subscription works:

Listen On Demand subscribers receive unlimited access to audio versions of more than 70 newspapers, magazines and the CRISKids Audio Library.

Listen to WHAT you want, WHEN you want! If you missed a favorite program, you can still hear it with a click of a mouse. It's simple. Move your curser over the program you want to hear, and then click the mouse.

Click here to subscribe and enjoy unlimited access to CRIS Radio’s on demand programming, including our extensive CRISKids Audio Library.

Remember, your subscription SUPPORTS CRIS RADIO!