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CRISAccess logo

CRISACCESS Launches App at Mystic Aquarium

Diane Weaver Dunne demonstrates CRISAccess to a family at Mystic Aquarium.
Diane Weaver Dunne demonstrates CRISAccess to a family at Mystic Aquarium.

CRIS launched its new museum app, CRISAccess, at the Mystic Aquarium September 22. The service allows museums goers to listen to exhibit signage on their smart- phone or tablet, using QR technology.

Here, Diane Weaver Dunne demonstrates the ease of the app to a visiting family.

CRISAccess Launch, Randy Fiveash, Director of Tourism
CRISAccess Launch

The launch was attended by several dignitaries, including Randy Fiveash, Director of Tourism (right), Molly Cole, Director, Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities, and Shelagh MccClure, chair, Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Press Release |  Hartford Business Journal Article