VOICES of World War I Project

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World War I Archives

Newspaper Articles from World War I

Selections from newspapers around the state, some now defunct, inform us of heroism and tragedy in Europe, efforts to support the war here in Connecticut, and daily life as it continued during the Great War.

Diaries of Connecticut Servicemen

Charles Watrous submitted the diaries that he kept through his whole experience, leaving us with vivid insights into the experience of the American Doughboy.

Military Service Records

These records were surveys compiled and kept by the Connecticut State Library. The men, and in some cases their survivors, submitted information about the soldier before the war, during their training, and of their service in Europe.  The surveys include comments of the soldiers' thoughts on the impact of the war on their life and the usefulness or futility of war.

Letters Home from Servicemen

Letters from Alfred, Sherman, and Chandler Greene were submitted with their surveys.  These give us insight into the communication shared between family members who were separated by much more than an ocean.

Government Published Materials

The government, both federal and state, produced wartime literature that ranged from defence of the war to how to improve home life in a wartime economy.

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