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CRISKids for Schools
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World War I type airplane flanked pilots.
Men of Connecticut in parade prior to leaving for war.
Nurses standing in line outside of ambulance.
Voices of World War I

CRIS Radio has teamed up with the Connecticut State Library to record incredible documents of World War I.  As we approach the 100th anniversary of America's involvement, your students will be able to listen to the words of Connecticut's men who fought in Europe. Diaries, personal accounts and newspapers bring the Great War to life, as men share their memories of what they universally call "hell".  To find out more and access the recordings, click HERE.

New Database

The new CRISKids Search Engine/Database may be found HERE.  You can scroll through the entire library, or search for items your school submitted, by an author, title and more.  You can also sort your results by several fields, by clicking on the light grey arrows by the field's name.

When you enter the database page, it first will show you the titles from CRISKids.  If you would like to access the materials in CRIS en Espanõl or CRIS Radio (Courant, Time Magazine et al.), then click on either of the icons on the left.

By clicking on the title of the recording, you are taken to the recording's page and can play and control the playback from the built-in player.

Click to log into on demand
Click to log into on demand
CRISKids Magazines

Don't look for the CRISKids magazines in the search engine/database.  Due to the technology that we used to create the database for the materials you submit,  we had to use another section for the magazines.  The magazines may be found HERE.

SCSU Studies CRIS in Hartford

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For Enfield Teachers
Requesting a Recording

You can now request a recording for CRISKids on-line. Fill out the information by going to the link HERE.  Your information will be immediately submitted to CRIS and we can begin the process all the quicker.  If we have access to the material, we will begin recording it; if we need to get it from you, then we will follow the directions that you submit.

CRISKids Forms

Request a recording:
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