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DD 2020 Ticket test
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Mission & Goals

As Connecticut’s talking newsstand for the blind and print-challenged, it is the mission of CRIS Radio to provide the highest quality, electronic reading service in the state. CRIS helps enhance the quality of life of its listeners by providing access to the same printed news and information that their family, friends, classmates, and colleagues enjoy. It is our current goal to … Continue Reading ››

radio forge

[radioforge url="" skin="abrahadabra" codec="mp3" radiotype="icecast" introurl="" welcome="CRIS Radio" autoplay="true" lang="auto" buffering="5" volume="60" width="220" height="200" title="" artist=""]

working radio live

[html5radio radiolink="" radiotype="icecast" bcolor="164ca6" image="" title="Windsor Studio" artist="CRIS Radio" facebook="" twitter=""]

Serving all of Connecticut from six studios around the state.