Benjamin I. Schimelman




Member since: 2020
Term expires: 2022

Gfeller Laurie LLP, Attorney

I was honored to be asked to serve on CRIS’s board.  What is immediately evident is how CRIS uses technology in creative ways to help people.  CRIS provides a critical means for people who are unable to read printed materials to stay connected with current events around Connecticut and the world, but it is so much more than that.  CRIS has successfully broadened its reach beyond radio to be accessible anywhere over the internet; it is also available in healthcare facilities and to spanish-speaking listeners.  CRIS makes it possible for people who have difficulty reading posted signs at museums and other culturally-significant facilities to have a more enriching experience by using QR codes to access narrations of those signs.  CRIS is also helping school children learn to read through guided narration.  I am excited to be helping CRIS continue to provide these invaluable services to the people of Connecticut and beyond.