The Dorina Daisy Reader Plus (DDReader +) is a digital book reader in DAISY 3.0 format. It is offered in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. The interface was designed to meet the needs of people with visual impairment and low vision. This is why the black background and the use of only three colors: black, white and yellow. DDReader + also offers a visual interface for people without visual impairment or with low vision.

Books can be read by synthesized voice, pre-recorded narration or text only on the screen. DDReader has a mandatory requirement to install a synthesized voice in the language to be used. So, in addition to installing Microsoft’s SAPI5 system (which is part of the Windows system), you must have a voice in your chosen language.

Several websites offer books in DAISY format. To learn more about the format, go to . As an example, we offer the book The Hand and the Glove, by Machado de Assis.

For now, only one version is available for Windows, but versions for other operating systems will be created.

DDReader was developed by Pedro Milliet and Eduardo Perez for the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the blind within the digital book project of the FDNC. To contact the foundation, go to or call (11) 5087-0999. To contact the developers, visit the support site.

The main features of the DDReader application are:

1. Tutorial built into the application (use the T key).
2. Access all commands from the keyboard.
3. Command echo in synthesized voice.
4. User bookmarks and annotations.
5. Search for words and expressions.
6. History of books read.
7. Spelling words from the text.
8. Words in other languages ​​with approximate pronunciations.
9. Abbreviations spoken in expanded form.
10. Expanded screen fonts for greater accessibility.
11. Global and per book preferences.
12. Visual interface.