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Voices of World War I: Pronunciaiton Guide





Adriatic (ā′drē-ăt’ ĭk) ahdictionary.com
Adrogue adʁɔɡ Google

Tutorial #4: Convert an Accessible Word Document into a DAISY eBook- 2


The DAISY Add-In was designed to help content creators produce accessible documents, from Microsoft Word documents, for people with print disabilities. Installing this add-in permits the saving of Word documents into DAISY XML, and then DAISY Digital Talking Books (DTBs), automatically. The DAISY Add-In, for Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and Word 2010 was released in December … Continue Reading ››

Tutorial #2: Use Central Access Reader (CAR) to Read an Accessible Word Document

CAR Quick Tutorial
  1. Download and install Central Access Reader (CAR), a powerful open source accessible reader (Windows 64-bit only): http://archive.org/download/CARSetup64/CAR_Setup_64.exe
  2. We recommend making this reader available from your website if you decide to provide digital materials in accessible DOCX format.
  3. Open Central Access Reader.
  4. Go to the "Advanced Settings Menu",Continue Reading ››

Abbreviation Guide: