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CRISAccess™: Museum Solution

CRISAccess™ integrates QR Code technology with mobile devices to instantly “link and play” audio recordings of information posted on museum exhibit signs for people who are blind or print-challenged. All the recordings feature human narration.  Museum visitors can access the audio files with any mobile device downloaded with a QR Code Reader application.

Studies indicate that only 11 percent of people who are blind or disabled visit museums. CRISAccess aims to change that statistic by improving the overall visitor experience for people with disabilities by offering them easy access to information displayed at exhibits.

Modeled on a focus group convened by the Smithsonian, CRISAccess provides brief audio recordings of the exhibit signage, an audio description of the exhibit, and information about available tactile opportunities at the exhibit. In addition, the recordings are made available on the CRIS website, where visitors can access the exhibit information before and/or after their visit. CRISAccess offers museums a low-cost solution that improves access to museum exhibits for people with disabilities.

Diane Weaver Dunne demonstrates CRISAccess to a family at Mystic Aquarium.

CRISAccess™ is part of CRIS Radio’s new Adaptive Audio Accessibility services initiative that promotes access to information at museums for people who have difficulty reading posted signs.  Read more.