Tutorial Objectives and Requirements for Success

Objective of the Tutorials:

  • Present strategies that make it as easy as possible to create accessible digital materials;

  • Introduce high-quality, open source, no-cost applications designed to enable users to create/publish accessible digital materials;

  • Provide tutorials that explain how to create digital materials;

  • Provide reference information in support of enabling students to become self-sufficient using the applications provided.

Requirements for Success:

The student will need to:

  • have access to a Windows 64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista computer;
  • have Word for Windows installed on the computer being used;
  • be familiar with, and know how to use, Word for Windows;
  • have the ability to transfer their “knowledge and skills,” using Word for Windows, to Apache OpenOffice OO Writer. OO Writer is an open source word-processing application strikingly similar to Word for Windows… except for the fact it is a free application.
  • know how, and have permission, to download and install open source, third-party, applications on the Windows computer they are using. In the case of institutional computers, students may need to have admin privileges to install the software. If they do not have admin privileges, they will need ot have an administrator’s help in downloading and installing the applications used in the tutorials.
  • We strongly recommend that students take the tutorials using their own computers. This will enable them to avoid permission problems and make things much easier for them. The open source applications that will need to be installed are:
  • OpenOffice;

  • OpenOffice Writer2ePub (W2E) Extension

  • Central Access Reader (CAR)

  • Save as DAISY Microsoft Word Add-In

  • Daisy Pipeline 2

  • AMIS

  • DDReader+
  • Icecream Ebook Reader
  • go above and beyond taking the step-by-step tutorials to learn about, and become familiar with< all of the functions of all of the applications, extensions, and plug-ins being presented; and,

  • practice, practice, practice.