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Thompsonville Press February 21 1918

Thompsonville Press February 21, 1918

  • Enfield Home Guard Report
  • Local War Bureau Enrolling Workers
  • Warns Nation to Guard Girls
  • Special Town Meeting
  • Letters from Our Soldier Boys
  • More Young Men Go into Camp


  • Local Merchants Organize
  • Hopes to Double Output of Home Gardens

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Selections for Reading 2

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The Teutons are of Aryan descent and cam from Asia before the dawn of history. First mention is made of them about 330 B C when they were described as living between the Rhine and the Baltic Sea. They were said to be of tall stature fair complexion and to have yellow or red hair. They were of great strength and fond of fighting. Their homes were among the trees in rude huts. The women were required to do most of the work.

Commercial Relations Committee: Community War Chests

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At the last annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, which was attended by three thousand men representing organizations from all over the country, the following resolution was passed:

Front page image of Report of The Commercial Relation Committee to the Conn. State Council of Defense

Are You An Apathist?

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Apathy!I'm beginning to think that your
apathist (to coin a word) is pretty nearly as
bad as your pacifist. You can at least pillory
the pacifist, plant the red flag over him and
warn straight Americans to give him a wide
berth. But your apathist! What in heaven's
name are you going to do with this chap!

Harry Smith Campbell

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Mr. Campbell was born in Argentina and was working as a salesman in Latin America, listing "Colt's Arms" in Hartford as his residence. This record includes only the Questionnaire, but it is well filled, including this conclusion: might, without right, has neither honour, glory, nor flag.