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CRISKids Trains Enfield Teachers

Cassandra Hunt

CRISKids for Schools kicked off the 2018 school year by offering a professional development (PD) session to 78 teachers from Enfield. The session was developed and led by long time CRISKids users Lauren Lieberman and Cassandra Hunt, both of Kennelly School in Hartford.

The PD was hosted by Educational Resources for Children (ERfC) and funded through grants from the Fund for Greater Hartford and The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

Enfield Schools’ Page

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Materials for the Study

Status of Enfield Requested Books
  • More specifically, the books we are lacking
    • A Day at the Firehouse
      Fantastic Mr. Fox
      Freckle Juice
      Frogs and Toads
      Gorillas (Living in the wild)
      Henry & Mudge
      Home of the Brave
      The Giving Tree
      The Life Cycle of an Emperor Penguin
      The Thief of Always
      Tuti's Play

CRIS, ERFC Work for Enfield Students

CRIS is working with ERFC (Enfield Resources for Children) to bring CRISKids for Schools to Enfield students.  The service will put widely read books into audio format for students with disabilities. The initiative is made possible by grants from the Fund for Greater Hartford and the Hartford … Continue Reading ››

Thompsonville Press February 21 1918

Thompsonville Press February 21, 1918

  • Enfield Home Guard Report
  • Local War Bureau Enrolling Workers
  • Warns Nation to Guard Girls
  • Special Town Meeting
  • Letters from Our Soldier Boys
  • More Young Men Go into Camp


  • Local Merchants Organize
  • Hopes to Double Output of Home Gardens

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Thompsonville Press September 13 1917

Thompsonville Press September 13 1917

  • Letters from our Soldier Boys
  • Timely Suggestions on Local Patriotism
  • No Hands, Works
  • More Young Men Go to Camp
  • Editorial – “Home Guard,”
  • Editorial – “No Time for Favoritism,”
  • How to Visit the Landship Recruit When You Go To NY
  • Home Guard To Camp Out
  • Streets Thronged As Soldiers Parade